As 2021 stares right at us, who isn’t exhausted or burnt out? Thankfully, we’ve started a new year and that’s just what we all need to begin again, better than ever. Remember how you’ve always wondered about ghostwriting? Wambtac’s Intro to Ghostwriting class and thought-provoking Interim Steps will help you decide if ghostwriting is the career path for you in 2021.

Take the career advancement route 

The good news during this new year with Covid is the number of positive changes we can see. Many companies are finding new ways to sell and deliver their products. Many are moving to online training, which helps everyone find new careers, money-making paths, and new creative outlets.

At Wambtac, we know quite a lot about online training. We started our ghostwriter training more than two decades ago, educating ghostwriters across the USA and beyond, including Europe, Australia, and South Africa. 

We offer the only comprehensive ghostwriting certification course in the world—Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP). In this knowledge-packed program, students learn the book industry from the basics of what our profession was to what it’s become. They learn manuscript analysis, how to ghostwrite to maintain an author’s voice, and setting up a business. Graduates earn a professional certification (the highest certification one can earn from a non-accredited program) through Cal State University Long Beach.

Professional ghostwriting is a lucrative, recession-proof service career that engages a ghostwriter’s creativity and intelligence in helping others write their books, tell their life story, or send their message out to the world. Even if an author is still in the “I want to write a book but just can’t get to it” stage, has only notes or a half-finished manuscript stuffed in their desk drawer, Certified Ghostwriters are trained to interview the author and draw out the story they have always wanted to tell.

If you are a writer and member of a marginalized community or group, your skills are even more necessary: elders are more likely to write their memoir with someone who speaks their language or understands their culture. As the American culture changes this year and into the future, understanding the viewpoints of POC or marginalized people will become ever more important. 

What could be better than discovering THEIR book has potential? 

Every author wants to hear their writing has great possibilities.  

As experts in the ghostwriting field and book industry, Wambtac Certified Ghostwriters  can create an in-depth Analysis & Recommendations report of an author’s manuscript. No matter where an author is in the writing process, this supportive analysis guides them towards success, showing them where their book would be most successful in the marketplace and giving recommendations for fixing the weak spots.  

First: Remember the distance past

For some of us, it’s hard to remember 2020 without slipping back into depression. Business books, self-help, and memoirs are the top three book-selling categories, no matter what year it is. Instead of dwelling on a radically difficult time, start off your new year by setting your sights high—focus on gaining the skills to make $35,000+ per book project. 

As baby boomers age, many of them have a lot to offer the world and want to write their memoir. Memoirs help readers learn from the experiences of authors who share their wisdom, something everyone can use no matter how old they are.

Such stories could contain lessons on how they (or their family or their business) survived this pandemic or any other crisis. But did they learn those survival skills through childhood experiences like special family gatherings where the adults told their stories or offered their wisdom about their lifestyle or work experiences? Tapping into elder wisdom has given many a young person the role model they need to keep pushing forward. Did the author learn resilience and survival because they immigrated and learned to adjust to a new culture? What an accomplishment! 

No matter where it starts or ends, Certified Ghostwriters know how to help tell that story. 

Second: Now move forward

Maybe that initial memoir continues into the author’s latest experiences in 2020 and can work as an epilogue, a simple add-on briefly noting where they landed. But if the author has a lot to say about surviving the pandemic, that could lead to book two: relating their actual COVID experiences, including lessons on how they coped and readers can, too. Creating two books gives the author more visibility, of course, but also increases their authority, which then increases potential book sales.

More than once Wambtac ghostwriters have received massive tomes that are simply too long and rambling to be marketable. Certified Ghostwriters work with the author to craft a story that reads better and therefore has a better chance of success in the book marketplace.  

Third: Truly boost 2021

Who knows? Depending on length and where their insights lead, a ghostwriter might even be able to create a trilogy for the author, with their third book offering post-pandemic guidance. Books are creative projects that can lead to other acknowledgement or revenue streams: bestseller lists, movie remakes, international success, or simply satisfying a long-held dream to tell the story.

Wambtac wants to help you turn 2020 doldrums from negative into positive by seeing the opportunities 2021 offers. We believe this year will be full of renewal, creativity, and community.

For a solid overview on a true career in ghostwriting, sign on to the next Intro to Ghostwriting class. Options to be start the process to be certified in our Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP) are available in March and May this year via It’s an easy way to discover if this is what you can truly do.