Oct. 12, 2021
The Hills are Alive…With a Book’s Music
How Musical Line Editing makes it sing Even though you’ve heard the term “Musical Line Editing” (MLE), we wanted to remind you about the proprietary, lift-every-author’s-voice-and-make-it-sing editing technique from Claudia Suzanne’s Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP). “Musical line editing uses an array of techniques to tighten, strengthen, and dynamize our…
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Sep. 9, 2021
8 Easy Memory-Gathering Steps for Family Memoirs
How to start creating your relatives’ memoir How many times have you thought a birthday, special family event, or some other holiday would be a great time to gather family memories—like Grandma’s history as a Rosie the Riveter patriot working in factories during WWII or Grandad’s motorcycle trip across the…
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Aug. 15, 2021
Best Practices for Remote Work
Enhance productivity at home, outside, and far away Both staff employees and ghostwriters think that working from home is a pandemic-generated innovation—but it’s not true. One Gallup poll found that, even before COVID, the rise of home-based employees rose from 39 to 43 percent between 2012 and 2016. 1 There…
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Jul. 15, 2021
Appreciating All Sexes and Cultures
Being a diverse ghostwriter expands your outreach Every year, June’s LGBTQ Pride month brings diversity issues to the forefront, recognizing broader and more inclusive sexual diversity. Ghostwriters, like companies, do better with a diverse client base. At Wambtac we know that diversity—not only relating to sexuality, but also America’s amazing…
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Jun. 15, 2021
Gathering Your Guy’s Memories
Keys to creating a loving memoir How many times have you thought a birthday, special family event, or a day like Father’s Day would be a great time to capture your dad’s memories? Or maybe that’s the time to gather not only Dad’s memories but also those of other male…
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May. 15, 2021
Gathering Mom’s Memories on Mother’s Day…
…and throughout the year You keep thinking you’d love to gather your mom’s memories, so why not use Mother’s Day as a great time to start? How about gathering insights or tender memories not just from Mom, but from other loving family members?  Or maybe you’re the mom (or Grandma…
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Apr. 2, 2021
The Early Ghostwriter Catches Success
Kate Early admits that a set of accidental circumstances brought her successfully into the world of ghostwriting. Like many, it wasn’t her start-up career. “I happened to meet [an executive coach] by accident, when her son and my son were in an activity together. At one point she just reached…
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Mar. 15, 2021
Make Your Clients and Yourself Happy
Remember the Five Rules of Ghostwriting When you came on board the Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP), you regularly heard one of Claudia’s key selling points: “Our students, on average, start with fees of $35,000 for their first book.” That sure gets a potential ghostwriter’s heart pounding! But making the…
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Feb. 25, 2021
Five Templates to Enhance a Book’s Slinky™ Flow
Crafting nonfiction is more than just splattering the words onto the page. A critical key to success is figuring out what format—aka which template—will best fit your book’s message. That’s why one of the early lessons you learned in GPDP was about the five manuscript templates that determine a book’s…
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Feb. 18, 2021
Interview with a Ghostwriter: Meet Beth Brand
“I have a friend who’s a prison guard [who] has a Master’s Degree in English. And he’s always like, “You can do anything with an English major.”  Beth Brand, another of Wambtac’s certified ghostwriters, has certainly proven him correct for almost thirty years. Based in the area she loves—the Great…
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