Jan. 29, 2021
A More Hopeful New Year’s Resolution
As 2021 stares right at us, who isn’t exhausted or burnt out? Thankfully, we’ve started a new year and that’s just what we all need to begin again, better than ever. Remember how you’ve always wondered about ghostwriting? Wambtac’s Intro to Ghostwriting class and thought-provoking Interim Steps will help you…
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Dec. 31, 2020
Interview with a Ghostwriting Graduate
“I was always interested in books and had aspirations in that area.”  So says Lorraine Ash, a Ghostwriting graduate, who admits that before she actually got into writing books, she already had a writing career. “More than 20 years ago”, she says, “I was a long-form journalism writer, a narrative…
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Dec. 15, 2020
Ghosting Perspectives: Insiders’ POV
Fair’s Fair: Contract details designed for book deal equality At Wambtac, we know that a thrilling milestone in any author’s life is creating a manuscript that’s ready for submission to literary agents or publishing house acquisition editors. Generating that readiness is, of course, any reliable ghostwriter’s goal too. In this…
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Nov. 18, 2020
Six Mistakes That Make Literary Agents Toss A Manuscript
Taking the leap to querying literary agents or publishing house acquisition editors is a milestone in any author’s life. But before hitting the send button, eliminate these common mistakes that could make an agent or editor—who get tons of stuff landing on their desks every day—toss the book instead of…
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Nov. 13, 2020
7 Ways a Ghostwriter Can Help You
(Without writing your book) Here is the rerecorded version of the NAIWE presentation I did a few weeks ago. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. https://vimeo.com/479026738
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Oct. 15, 2020
Ghosting Perspectives: Insiders’ POV
Accepting Anonymity As A Ghostwriter We love getting insights from our GPDP grads and hope you’ll check out the great in-depth profiles we’ve already published. In this series of roundtables, we want to offer you perspectives on dealing with anonymity from several Certified Ghostwriters and from The Ghostwriting Expert herself,…
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Sep. 15, 2020
COVID Mindset Re-set
It’s been a crazy six months with people all locked away together. No one can blame you if your education, inspiration, or motivation has been on hold. As we wind down into 2020’s last quarter, now’s a good time for a new perspective and gaining momentum to complete an otherwise…
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Aug. 15, 2020
Ghostwriters and the Depression Demon
Any time one’s out of work, stress, and sadness—even depression—can set in. And since COVID? This time has undoubtedly created extraordinary stressors, thanks to the unusual " -some say once-in-a-century - "challenges. The Pew Research Center’s mid-March survey found nearly one-third of those suffering from psychological issues including depression and…
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Jul. 15, 2020
Procrastination 101
Your normal structure is gone and without any timeline for zipping out the door (at least not safely), it’s easy for procrastination to set in. Not only is everyone at home, it’s not temporary. We’re all cramped together ‘til who knows when. That means not only do we face production…
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Jun. 22, 2020
An Eye That Landed on the Ghostwriting Prize
“I was originally a business copywriter,” says Derek Lewis, Certified Ghostwriter, “and I came across an online ad for somebody who wanted a business book written. And I said, ‘Oh, well, that can’t be that much harder.’ Poor naïve little me.”  We’re not in Kansas anymore Ghostwriting and regular journalism,…
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